Saturday, January 31, 2015

ChatBox Issues :/

Hey guys.Bleaty here again.As you may of noticed,I didn't put a: ! Because right now,I'm not so happy :c.Lately we've been having some..let's say "Issues" With our ChatBox.There are people Impersonating SpazzyUnicornz,The Woozband,and other woozens.I noticed someone may have been impersonating Glitz7:

You can hurt someone by impersonating them which counts as cyber bullying.We don't want to take away the ChatBox,so if YOU Don't want the ChatBox gone,please follow these rules. 

1.) DONT Impersonate anyone.Especially bloggers, AND The Woozband.Penny and Pinki Use red to talk so especially DONT Impersonate them.

2.) DONT Use bad language.Before, I saw some swears in the chatbox.

And finally..

3.)DONT Bully,and please no bad comments of the blog.I'm not saying you shouldn't tell us what to improve on,just don't say stuff like what the "Glitz7" person said.

This is not only being respectful,it's also helping to keep people safe.A kind word a day,keeps them bullies away.If you choose not to follow these consequences,that is totally fine.It's just that you'll loose your privilege of the ChatBox in return :)The same rules follow in Woozworld as in here.Stay safe and have fun! :3 Bleaty signing out!

-Bleaty                                           (New Photo coming soon!!)