Saturday, January 10, 2015

Battle of The Photos (NEW)

Hey guys!Bleaty here again.Today I'm going to be talking about something new that I Invented.So as you can see from the title,my new thing I invented is:Battle of The Photos!.You probably wondering what that is right?Well,keep reading to find more! :) So Battle of The Photos is something that I will be doing every month or so.Every month I change my Sign off Photo.So I'll have either 2 or 3 photos for you guys to choose from,to pick as which you love best.(You can make me a sign off picture and show me on ChatStep.)So how this works is this.

1.) I get 2 photos.

2.)You guys rate the first picture 'Cool' and the second picture 'Interesting'.

3.)At the end of the week,I tally up the votes,And the picture with most votes,is my Sign off Photo!

4.)Next month,I'll have the picture that didn't win and another picture Battle.

5.)I can have 2 woozens make me a photo,or a woozen and me make one.

So ya :D This is the Battle of The Photos.This month,we have a picture created by CandyAndSoup! and the other photo made by me,Bleatystar-.The one on the Left of the sign off photo is candy's.And the one on the Right is mine. So rate this post 'Cool' for Candy's and 'interesting' for mine.Get voting! :P Bleaty signing out.