Friday, December 19, 2014

#YourFashion- WINTER

:D :D :D Hello!!! It's Cutiexpiexgirl!! XD So #YourFashion is basically the thing I talked about last sunday. The "thing" I talked about was YOU being able to appear in my posts as models and me talk about YOUR FASHION. Sorry about the bad topic name......... If you guys have any other better names than #YourFashion for this PLEASE MESSAGE ME!!
Okay, so I am so happy because I did get some woozens who messaged me and send in a couple of photos. So, I can't get all of them in in this post, so I will probably keep continuing this topic :D So, you can send me photos anytime you want and I will try to make it in a post. :)
I had  eight people that messaged me and sent in pictures and I picked my favorite in their album!
LOVE THE COLOR CODE!!!! I love how you matched the kind of cropped swewater with those high waisted shorts!! They match perfectly!! I am love with those shoes because I think it is a great detail with the fur outside!

Girl, this is an amzing outfit! I love how you paired the long cute sweater with leggings and boots!!! It just looks so cute to gether and to top it off with that hat is just amazing xD
This outfit is matched perfectly with a balck and neon blueish coat paired with light jeans! <3 Love it!!! Those shoes are perfect for this outfit because of the detail of the shoes with having a cute design on the side of the shoes.

Loving this hair <3 I love how it goes from brown hair to your blue color code. Long sweaters with leg warmers  (that's what I call them..) is just perfecto! This is like the cutest outfit ever for iceskating! ;o


That hairstyle! It used to be so rare.... I love how you used a hairstyle from some time ago and made it so stylish and trendy with this outfit!! Those boots are also not as recent yet you just rock those boots so well!!!

Neon Purple ;) I used to really love that color, I mean I still do, but not as much as light purple. I like how you added detail and pizazz to your outfit with those leggings. The beanie with the woozmas sweater.... like YAS! XD Love how you used patterns_________________________________________________________________________________
I love the shirt and pants matched together because it gives the outfit like a cozy look. Also, it is perfect for casual days! The hair also matches with the outfit nicely.
I love this look with it being so casual!!! The plaid shirt with those tights are just perfect with the shorts and tights making the "shine" more and giving more of an edge. Love how you paired those boots with those shorts like PERFECT!!! <3 Amazing
So these were along of the outfit!!! I hope more woozens still message me more pics for winter/ new year's!!! Thanks to all of you guys for sending me these pics! <3 THANKS Signing off now, bye!