Monday, December 15, 2014

Spirt Tree + Inspiring Woozens

                                                          <3 Hello my beautiful readers. <3

Todaaaay. I want to talk about Woozmas Spirit Tree that we had to reach to 100% to get a Prize from the Woozband. We finally reached 100% tonight. +JayWooz probably will be making a post about tomorrow/tonight. Wonder what our Prize will be? Guess we will find out.
----Moving On----

I have seen some respectful and nice Woozens around Woozworld lately.

First, Introducing...Jennifer114a..

She has been a great friend and nice Woozen. She knows how to lift up someones heart. I bet if anyone needed help she could help them. Thank you so much for being a respectful Woozen! :)

Second, Introducing...Dederoks..

You have been helping new woozens around and I like seeing people help new people around. You can make someones day in like 5 seconds. Thank you for helping. :)


Last, Introducing...CupCake37..

You are a amazing friend and supporter. Thanks for being there with me anytime that I need help. Thanks for helping here on Woozworld. 

Sorry for not posting last Friday, I found out that I have the Flu but I feel a little better. No school this week for me though. I'm so happy that I can be posting today. I hope you guys have a great day tomorrow. 9 Days left till Christmas! ;D -XxxLoveForeverxx