Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hey guys! :D It's cutiexpiexgirl here! Okay, so every time when I post something with fashion, I usually just look around woozworld to find some outfits that woozens are wearing that I love! Then I ask the woozen if I can take a picture of it and use it in my post. I was thinking that you guys can  be more part of my posts if you guys model for me with YOUR outfit ideas. So, if you want to appear in my posts, this is what you have to do:

1) Go on woozworld
2) Take a picture of your woozen wearing a winter outfit or new year's outfit
*You can take as many as you want*
3) Put the picture(s) all in one album and label it anything you want
4) Send me a message on woozworld @Cutiexpiexgirl saying that you would like to appear in my posts and tell me which album your pictures are in
5) I will send you back a reply if I would like to use any of your pictures in the albumz
There won't be any reward for doing this except just getting to be in a post on! I will be judging on the outfit, but I will say the positive things about the outfit not the negatives. :) I hope you guys start sending me these messages and start taking those pictures. Sorry about this short post by the way. Anyways, see you guys next time!!!