Thursday, December 11, 2014

New WoozGuidesss!!!

'Elloo cuties! x

We have new Guides added to the 'long' list of Guides! And I'm going to talk you through the 3 lovely ladies.

First, we have Ems37!

She's such a sweet girl, honestly. Had a chat with her. Know her a tad bit, too. I think she'll make a great Guide!

Next, is -East-!!

Now, I've never talked to her. Have stalked her WoozIn a few times, but never talked to her. She seems lovely, though.

Last but not least, is BlueForever!

I've had a few conversations with er! She gives great advice and she's so cheerful and happy. Honestly, she's just.. perfection.

I apologize if this is a short post. It's night where I am and I am just... rushing. Like a birdy. Except I don't have wings, which is unfortunate.

Until Saturday! Bye guys! x