Friday, December 19, 2014


hey guys!
i was thinking, why have ! winner for my contest? when you can have multiple!
so 80+ people have entered my contest! (wow right?)…
sooooo I'm going to have five winners (randomly picked) and all of them get prizes :)
1st place: 2000 wooz
(i do that by giving the code to them to enter in the "redeem code bar" then they will get the wooz)
2nd place: the outfit 
(not the vampire tho)
3rd place: gets interview and shout-out on WOOZWORLD BURST! 
( i will message you the details if you win)
4th place: gets to be on my talk show
(there is usually 40 people min. there, so the units will be on "hot now")
5th place: short 'so' and 60 likes!

please enter! just message me, shugarlipskate "enter prize"  for a chance to win!