Thursday, November 6, 2014

Woozworld's Next Top Model

Hello bursties! c: I'm sorry I forgot to post Monday. I want to talk about 2 things today. The topics are Woozworlds Next Top Model + Woozworld's Ever After High Unit Contest. First Off, Let's talk about Top Model. Some people have been doing so good with the Leaderboard. This is how you do it. :D
1st: Collect the little Women
2nd: The Machine
3rd: The outfits
4th: Camera man
(These all won't be out at the same time, there will go in order.)
The Leaderboard looks like this: 
+MyaWooz has stopped Woozens getting the FanZ tonight.

If you win the contest then this happens:
On November 28th, the Woozen with the most FanZ will be named Woozworld’s Next Top Model, aka Mya’s fashion assistant. This lucky Woozen will receive:
- All the WNTM outfits for free
- One free outfit from the Woozworld Store each month for the next three months, because a model’s got to stay on top of the latest trends
- A WNTM trophy
- A standing billboard in Mya’s Late Night Show, and a possible guest spot on the Show
- The achievement title “Woozworld’s Next Top Model 2014”
Of course, being Mya’s fashion assistant comes with some responsibility, too. Woozworld’s Next Top Model will model the new garments coming to the Woozworld Store each week for three months, and will promote the looks around Woozworld.
That is all I have for tonight. I PROMISE I will be posting tomorrow. I wish you guys so much luck on the Leaderboard. It's almost Christmas time. We have only: 48 more days!!!! <3 :D Adios my loves! <3 -XxxLoveForeverxx