Tuesday, November 18, 2014

♡Winter Outfits☃

Good day everyone and welcome to Woozworld Burst! It's Lily here with another fun and exciting Fashion post! Good Day, Good Day!

    Hey my Burstie Baes, it's lily here with my first post this week! <3 HAPPY TUESDAYS!<3 <3


ok So... ENJOY XD

Outfit 1:
Hair: Yonslé Braids
Torso: Woozmas Sweater
Legs: Kattitude Leggings
Feet: Woozmas Boots

This is my favorite outfit of them all! I like it because the cats on the leggings, my name IS Lily-Kitty. I LOVE the hair because I like the hate and the braids coming down is GAWJUSS! I like the shoes because their so laid back and not noticeable and not too jumpy for the outfit.
 Outfit 2:
Hair: Belle Ball Hair
Torso: Rhinestone Jacket
Legs: Style Me Up
Feet: Kicks with Studs
Ok this outfit is OKAY except for the hair, it's too much. But I like the jacket and skirt and the shoes, this outfit is for a lazy person who wants to be comfortable.

Hair: Spartan
Torso: Style me Up
Legs: Zombie Doctor Legs for her
Feet: Dolloween Boots
I like this outfit because it's dressy for the winter and these fashion people will love this one!
 Ok, so Dats it! ;D Be sure to use this! I luv yall so.. Until further ado..
Stay Prissy Bursties,