Friday, November 7, 2014


Hey!!!! It's cutiexpiexgirl and it is my fourth post!! Time goes quick these days .... when you are having fun! XD Okay anways, you must be wondering "why is the post called a race to the finish line" I am referring to the Woozworld's Next Top Model Leaderboard. People have been racing to get to the collectiblez. Today, when logging in, I saw so many people at The Style Watch. I went to see what was happening and I found out it was about getting the Woozarri collectiblez that is worth 15,000 Fanz Points. Okay, so currently the Top 20 are:

I just want to say Congratulations to all who are in the Top 20 right now even though it isn't the end of the competition. I mean collecting millions of fanz is hard. You can also get more fanz points by participating into events like the fashion games. Though the queue was seriously long....... I couldn't get in XD but it's fine cause I got to see some great fashion! Speaking about that, let's talk about how it went!!! :D

So in the fashion games, there are six judges with a voting table. There will be three models each round and the judges have to vote thumbs up or down. Out of the three, the model with the most thumbs up gets to go to the finalist couch. After all the rounds are done, the finalists model and whoever gets the highest wins!!
The finalists were: lexileam, amelianur,hersheykissyum
Finishing in 3rd winning 1 million fanz points:  Amelianur

Finishing in 2nd winning 3 million fanz points: Lexileam

Finishing in 1st winning 5 million fanz points:  Hersheykissyum
Congratulations to all of them!!!
Good luck to those participating in the race to the finish line C; and congratulations to the first top three ever for the fashion games!! I am Cutiexpiexgirl, bringing you the fashion scoop! (I always wanted to say that C;).