Monday, October 13, 2014

Zombeardtosis Theory

Hi, this is Jessamyn. This should be my last post as a trial blogger. I hope I can advance to an official blogger, but again, I might be eliminated. I'm hoping for the best, but Pink and Penguin get to decide, of course!
Today I'm going to talk about a theory I have about the Zombeardtosis breakout in Woozworld. 

We have a few important pieces of information...
-Thanks to trial blogger XxXSugarBunnyXxX, we know that the ooze originated from the Woozworld Hospital
-Thanks to official blogger Blue-Lily's theory, we can assume that the sickness is also related to Eva and Fil (since the zombie hairs are labeled "Zombeardtosis evalis" and "Zombeardtosis filis.")

From this information I think that maybe one day in the Woozworld Hospital the doctors were working on a special medicine, but they did something wrong along the way and the experiment went bad. (I'm talking REALLY bad, like exploding infectious ooze that can spread itself around Woozworld. Now there's Eva and Fil. I think the doctors could have been looking for volunteers to test their experiments on, and Eva and Fil volunteered. Why? Maybe the doctors needed people from the future. (I know, right? This theory is totally random and crazy. But anything could be right!) 

What makes sense about this theory?
-The part about doctors wanting to create new medicines is believable. People are always looking for advancement in medicine and technology.  
-It also makes sense that the doctors did something wrong when creating the medicine. Try thinking like one of the animators who are developing the Halloween event. I can imagine them thinking of this idea.  
-It's entirely possible that parts of Eva and Fil were involved in the medicine. After all, when you click on an infected Woozen it says "Zombeardtosis evalis" or "Zombeardtosis filis." The Zombeardtosis hair is also similar to their hairstyles. They even have the same eye shape. I think that the doctors used Eva and Fil's DNA in the medicine. It's the most possible explanation. 

What do you guys think? Maybe you can develop your own theory and send in an article. Try to think like one of the animators and pretend you are having a meeting with the rest of the animators. Imagine that you are trying to come up with an idea for what the ooze should be from that will make the most money. Again, think like one of the animators! 

Fun Fact of the Day: 
Woozworld used to be called KidsStudio.  The KidStudio "rare" outfits are now "un-rare" outfits that you can buy for under 1000 beex. Back then, there wasn't makeup, WNS, or so many different faces.

I have decided that instead of editing my sign off picture, I'm going to draw one by hand. It'll be ready soon!