Saturday, October 11, 2014

Woozworld Disappointing Woozens?...

Hey, Bursties ;)
Bet you're all happy it's saturday! ;D Time to cuddle up with blankets,grab a cup of 
hot choc, and watching tv all day! Haha, anyway moving on, Halloween is just a few weeks away, I've seen many woozens quickly preparing Halloween themed units, dressing as ghouls and witches, and simply getting into the Halloween spirit! xD

I'm a little disappointed with the woozband. Last week, everyone was getting excited, as the store outfits were very Halloween themed. Sadly, this week they have just put together random old outfits you could buy for beex in shopz, the worst part is, they aren't anything to do with Halloween or autumn! Get your act together Woozworld. 
It must be hard having to design a complete new 4 outfits per week, so wouldn't it be better if we got quality over quantity? Say, if they designed a new outfit every two weeks, had more time to make it, 
and made it fabulous instead of a rubbish lacking one?

What do you think Bursties? Rate a 'cool' if you like woozworld bringing the old outfits, 'interesting' for if you miss the old good ones, and rate a 'funny' if you aren't sure.

That's all for now! Hope you're all having an awesome autumn.Btw, check out my youtube channel, chloecutewooz. I posted a Halloween outfit design! This is the second design I have done, I still need to improve, but check it out and subscribe! ;)
Chloecute singing out! xD

Byeee ;D