Friday, October 10, 2014

The Lop-sided Life Of Woozworld

Hey wonderful Bursties! Its Thegypsyroo again! As you can see from logging onto Woozworld, there has been, well, some differences. Woozens have turned blue, zombies are infecting the regular Woozworld life, and slime has covered unitz, what’s next? EquallyDivided, a close friend of mine, exclaimed that last year’s Halloween was a treat! This year’s must be a trick. I’m sure Woozworld will have a few more strange tricks up their sleeve! Remember; the code to enter the hospital is, 3485. Be careful woozens! Stay away from the virus called Zombeardtosis! Who started this virus? Who is smart enough to find the cure? Are Woozworld High scientists trying to cure this terrifying disease? Those are questions hundreds of woozens are asking to the curious Woozband themselves. Some believe GoodOldWooz brought the disease to us! Some blame Zeena! Who is really up to all this mischief?

What’s going on in my life? As you can tell, I have a new design! I spent about 3 hours creating this, so I hope you enjoy it. I thought to bring in some cheerful Halloween spirit into Woozworld Burst! Speaking of spirit, make sure you check out all the new furniture and clothing in Shopz for Halloween, I know I will! I had also achieved to create a center to keep Woozens safe from the disease. It even made it to #2 on Hot Now! (Picture is above) Hope everyone’s beginning of October is doing great! Mine sure is! See you next time,