Saturday, October 11, 2014

Swaggy Interviews....YOU! (Interview #1)

Hello guys! Its swaggy! And this is my new thing on Woozworld Burst xD It's called Swaggy interviews.... YOU!Today, I interviewed -SweetGirl-VIP And this is the interview: (Keep in mind that these are HER ORIGINAL  ANSWERS and I did not change anything to make Woozworld Burst seem cool and popular, because it needs no help with that ;) )

How do you feel about the zombie disease?

Well I think I'm the only one who loves it lol i mean that hair looks fab :)

Do you like woozworld burst?

well... I've never heard of it but I'm starting to like it :P XD

How would you rate woozworld one- three TERRIBLE Three-five Ok five- seven its cool Seven-Ten AMAZING

Hmm I think I would rate it seven to ten.

Do you like new woozworld, or old woozworld?

I think the old ww was better, but life is a change and new ww is not bad

Last question, do you think this survey was: A waste of time, or fun and enjoying

it was very fun :) i loved it XD

That was the interview, and keep in mind, if you would like to be interviewed message me, Swag-Attack-
This was me, Swaggy and I'm signing out. PEACE! XD (ALSO IM POSTING IN THE CHAT BOX ONCE SO ANY OTHERS ARE FAKE!!!)