Saturday, October 11, 2014

Autumn Colours For Girls

Hello lovely kitties (so random)!

So, since most people have been talking about the Zombeardtosis disease or something related, I basically had nothing to post about in mind because most things happening around WoozWorld have been posted, although it's my posting day (Idealess... Wait, that's not a word. Never mind then). But then I thought, 'It's autumn and maybe I could post something autumn-related!' so here I am, everyone, and I'm going to talk you through some very fascinating (or not :-:) autumn colours for clothes. I'm using the Spring Flowers Dress, by the wayy.

 Main colour code: 9A0700
Secondary colour code: 007E2F
Belt colour code: FCAF00

 Main colour code: 9A3300
Secondary colour code: 080808
Belt colour code: 007E2F

Main colour code: 390044
Secondary colour code: 989898
Belt colour code: 10002E

Main colour code: 76AA07
Secondary colour code: 7E7E7E
Belt colour code: F7FEA8

So you basically just mix some dark colours or something together. Now, I'd post more but it's like real night here and I have to go to bed, so. Until next week, perfects!

-New sign-off soon (smirk)-