Sunday, October 19, 2014

Star Of The Week Nowww! :D

Hello wonderful people! xoxo. How was your weekend? Mine was great. :D I want to talk about 1 thing today. STAR OF THE WEEK IS NOW! :D YAAAY! I seen some great outfits. Here are some! :D
                                                   CosmicThunder: looked amazing.
                                                    I loved the colors. FABB!!! :D
                                                           Good Luck! :D

Taye0: Amazing Outfit! :D You will rock the stage.
The colors are so amazing. 
Good Luck!
Ems37: You are looking great! :D
Love the dress. You look like a real Zombie! Scarrry. 
Good Luck!
Crystalfire: God Bless the colors! :D
They are amazing. The hair is fab! c:
Good Luck! 
Resolute: Amazing Judge! :D I love you being Judge.
You know who has Fashion or nahh. :D
Good Job! Keep Up The Good Work! :D
+MyaWooz: Gurrrl. You look so fab. Fabby mick Fabby. xD Amazing. 
Thanks for being a great Animator. :D
Thanks Again!
XxxLoveForeverxx- xoxoxo I love you guys. I'm sorry I didn't post Friday. I had to march Friday night at a Football game. I will start posting on my days but I wanted to post today. I love you guys so much. <3 VOTE MY POSTTT!!!!