Sunday, October 19, 2014

Benidorm! :D + other stuff.

Hey burties! :D Working hard at school does pay off, because i have done so well my dad and step mam have taken me to Benidorm! Now this was a surprise for me because they took me on thurday early morning and i didnt know where we were going! So that why i didn't post on Sunday + we get free internet in our hotel 'Levante club apartments' but it was down for afew days. Ok and woozworld has finally made the cure for the zombie infection (my facial hair was annoying me!)  but of corse they put it in store they always want money! and what do you think of the new outfits.. Well old outfits. Woozworld needs to buck up they're ideas if they want to keep this virtual game.
Those are the prices.

Anyway i gotta dip in the pool B-) Toodles <3 -Add me i add all- ashlyxxlowry.