Friday, October 17, 2014

#Popwooz Review

Hey Bursties its CAM and today i will be talking about #Popwooz Clothing well so lets get started!

Ok so lets do my personal opinion GIRLS first!
(Dresses, Hairs, Etc)

  • Ok the princess wedding hair is Eh ... Its OLD and BASIC has absolutely no FAB touches towards it and it seems unprofessional for Woozworld to release this hair and nobody wears it i rate it a 0 out of 10 I know it seems harsh but i am telling the ~truth sadly. I know it was released awhile ago.~
  • Now for the Promiful its Fantabulous I remember when i first saw it I was like  BOOM CLAP I was in LOVE! It calls out Fab and Bow's haha. and honestly if I were a girl I would buy I can rock it! its just nicely decorated with the bow for hair ~and such and it seems awesome and CHIC~
  • Not to mention the princess wedding dress its OK it has a few things that can be soon fixed and i know it was released   in early 2012 i believe but it is not really the best for #Popwooz its just not in style (Maybe substitute it for promber?) but anyways the best part is the top with the gold its Classy and cute. Overall this dress is ok and I personally would not recommend it
Now for my personal opinion BOYS
(Hair, Shirts, Pants, Etc)

  • Lets start with the slick combover, This hair is weird it makes no sense it looks like you are wearing a toupee and its just weird and makes absolutely no sense I am just like "Bruh" it has not meaning and its funny to me because I think of woozens wearing toupee's its OLD and RETRO woozworld style haha. 
  • Now for the rustic wedding hair is REALLY CURLY! I love it but like I hate how it is wooz like what in the world. When I get wooz its going to be mine and i am gonna rock it its curls are cute and yup yup.
  • Fancy wedding shoes! I remember these from the Glamz collection from prom one year I believe its from its pretty nice shoes they have much detail and its pretty nice and the white "Sparkles" are pretty nice.
  • Lets all be studs with the STUD HOLIDAY JACKET, its so nice i actually have one and i wear occasionally but i think its nice the "Robe" dillio is working out also the Bow-Tie is nice and if i can color it its going to be nice.

Honestly the Popwooz was pointless with clothing they could have gotten better clothing due to the choices and the old wedding clothing from years back. Woozworld could have done it better and it would have been better with certain things.

-Cam xoxo