Monday, October 27, 2014

Makeup Tips / Ideas ~ MY FOURTH POST! SQUEEEE!!!!!!! ~

Hey guys! I'm truly sorry for not posting on Friday. 
I was so busy because of my Aunt's baby dedication, A sleepover with my cousins, it was ironic. So to make up for Friday, i'll post tomorrow. 

Anyways, for today's topic I have decided to give some tips on you're '' look''. 

What is your look? Do you have a look? Well to answer you, everyone has one

Well today, i'll give you some tips on MAKEUPPPP.

Makeup is a big impact on girl's lives. ( Sorry boys. XD )

So I'll be showing/ giving tips about your right '' look''. 
So, everyone should get a makeup color
that matches the skin tone. For example : In this picture, I have a tan skin tone, for my makeup color, I have a tan-ish samon color.

Lastly, Choose something that YOU like. For example: If one of my friend's skin color was pale white, and their hair was brown. Would I do the SAME thing? Well, if I wanted to. So I hope you make your own decisions.

Anyways, I hope that helped you all!

Bye guys! - Nic