Monday, October 27, 2014


     OMG! Hey Bursties, it's lily and today I'M SO FURIOUS THAT I DIDNT EVEN PUT MY NAME IN COLOR! Lawl Jk-
Hey Bursties it's  Lily and, dont think im not furious, because I am! Your probably wondering why I'm so FURIOUS it's because, THEY ARE HAVING ANOTHER FASHION FRIDAY!

     Why an I angry about that, you ask. Well, it's simple because I don't like Fashion Friday. This is just my opinion. I don't like Fashion Friday because everything they sell is a RARE AND I'VE WORKED HARD TO GET EVERYTHING I NEED IN THIS LAST MONTH! And now they're selling it? i don't get it. People pay real money for this stuff then you sell it in shopz?! I like how they're making things cheap because of people who can't buy this stuff. I just don't like the fact that I'm a customer who consumes these virtual (read when I say VIRTUAL) ITEMS FOR REAL money! And honestly they're taking rares and making them not rares anymore.
     "fashion fridays are stteped its taking rares and making them not rare anymore..." EllaQueen says posting on MyaWooz's wall. I agree with you 100% , Ella. 

     Now, I want to take a moment to congratulate the winners of lasts week quiz..... GUESS THE FEELINGS OF THE OUTFITS! We had many entries, but I only could pick  1of you :( And the winner is.......   XXXSUNSHINEXXX 

Congratz! And thx for reading Woozworld Burst! Ill give you your prize later! :D
     Alright, let's talk about the click n' win issue. People are excited about this, and some people are not. (people who are not aka. ME) I dont like this for the same reason about about Fashion Friday. I don't like how they're turning rares into non-rares

 Okkkkkkk!!!! I have a woozworld burst quiz up! Take it and whoever is at the top gets a prize! You can't take it more then once!
-Put your woozworld username in for name any others will NOT count.
-answer to the best of your abbilities!
-SCORE 100%
Click Here!

- Lily