Friday, October 24, 2014

Another #FashionFriday?

Hello guys!

Missed me? Wink. Wink. Wink. Strains eye. Ok.

So, I noticed that Mya posted a new post claiming that #FashionFriday is coming back! AGAIN!

At first, I thought it was only like once a year, but then some people said it's once a week, and now I'm thinking it's once a month. OR SOMETHING. I've also taken a good look on people's comments, some surprised me. These are some random comments that I have chosen.

To be honest, I feel like it's the same Pixels, Sun Chic, WNS, Bow-Tea, Sunset and Sundae outfits all over again. Personally, I like the Old WoozWorld outfits. Not that I don't like any of the ones I mentioned above, because I do. Don't bombard me with hate because it was just my opinion okayy.

Anyway. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to Fashion Friday! :)