WDC Woozworld Designers Club

 Have a passion for designing? You must read on!

Recently, Woozens from Facebook have been designing, new and original outfits! To join, it's simple. If you have a facebook, type in: WDC (Woozworld Designers Club) Which is a large group from very advenced artists, to even first timers! to start your design, i created a few templates you may use :) 

With these, you can draw your OWN designs! here are a few i made myself ! i will walk you threw, what i use to make my designs :) so here is my finished product: 

youre probably confused where to even start? first thing you need is Gimp2.8.... www.gimp.org. Once you download it, open the file of a template of a "naked" woozen. i like to start with the clothing, this is what it should look like :

i advise you use the "paintbrush" tool, and set it to 2-3 size, it makes it look more realistic, for the size of the clothing woozworld designs! 

An easy way to shade, it to use "free select" and select a specific area you need shaded, after that click the "blend tool" and drag your mouse to shade :)

it takes work, but yes you will eventually get it! Photoshop is also a really good program for those who can afford it, unfortunately i am not one of those people xD  but gimp is just as good ;-) happy designing. dont forget to join the group on facebooK! we post frequently, and you are welcome to post your FAB designs there :D