Friday, September 4, 2015

The Cliques & WNS DRAMA

Hey guys! Sorry about not posting on Sunday. I was busy pretty much all day. So, I wasn't able to be on woozworld this week as I was on vacation, but today I went on and saw the cliques... So basically there are different groups which are the cliques.
Cliques are:
So, these are the cliques. After you join a clique, starting on Sept. 10. you will be EARNING WOOZ!!

Okay, the next topic is based off Woozarazzi's post. So, it seemed like Mya was okay with being second, however when everyone went to the dressing rooms... Mya was crying and thought her act should have won.

Woozarazzi's post:
You heard it here FIRST! MyaWooz , fashion queen and leader of the new Woozworld’s Next Superstar 2015 Team DANCE, was in tears after the finale show on Friday night!
Award shows are always dramatic, but this year’s WNS finale was something special!
Mya’s always been a bit of a diva, and don’t get me wrong, I love her to death,” gushed an anonymous source close to the Woozband. “But she does NOT like coming in second.”
In past years of the WNS competition, Mya has led Team POP to spectacular wins. This year, Team POP once again took center stage… but without Mya at its helm. “Mya let her BFF Jenny take over Team POP, and while they’ve always been very supportive of each other,” continues our exclusive source, “when it comes to winning, Mya puts all friendships aside. She really thought she could lead DANCE to victory this year. She played it cool during the show, but once she got back to her dressing room she was all ‘It should have been me!’”
Will this be the end of Mya and Jenny’s BFFship?? We’ll keep you up-to-date with the inside scoop!

So, talk to you guys next time. Bye!! Btw I do not know why, but when I tried to upload my signoff photo, it won't work, so sorry for no signoff photo today.