Friday, May 8, 2015

Prom Planning Headquarters! Task helpers and hints

                                                              SPOILERS AHEAD!

                               Hey everyone! Katiekat00 here with another fantabulous post!

   Today I will be giving you TIPS and TRICKS for the Prom Committee Task. I'm going to              demonstrate on an extra account, since I already did this.

     1. When you log in you will be given a task to go to the Prom Planning HQ. Do so, and then click the YELLOW chest to continue on with your task. You will also be awarded with a Prom 2k15 Planner achievement.

2. Janitor Beex dug out last year's box of decorations from his carefully-guarded supply closed, but the biggest one is missing! It must have been misplaced somewhere... Maybe in a place we used to dance? For this one, it will be the Ballroom. It will be located next to this pretty pot. Click it! P.S, some Woozens may be in your way, so patiently wait or kindly ask them to move out of the way.

3. It takes a lot of energy to party the night away, so the Planning Committee needs to get some tasty food for Prom night that fits the theme "Neon Rave". They've sent you to go check out a couple of options and return with a verdict. (Take a picture with you and a Green jelly unicorn. This could be the first picture in a new albumz for Prom 2k15!) First you need to find a green jelly unicorn. I recommend finding it in my unit, called Green Jelly Unicorn for picture. Then take a picture of you and the green unicorn!

4. You return to the Planning Committee with your top choice (Green Jelly Unicorns FTW!) only to find everyone in a panic. "The DJ's turntable is missing!" cries the head of the Committee. "If we don't find it, we'll have to play all our Prom music off of my mom's iPod! :'C" But wait! Maybe there's one in the studio? Go to the studio and click the turntable as shown below.
5. After that, anyone needs to vote you 5 times in a public unit. Make sure to ask kindly. P.S Make sure to SAVE some votes because you will need to GIVE 3 to someone later on.
6. Someone has stolen the ballot box! Maybe Mya misplaced it? The ballot box should be located in the Surface unit.
7. After that, you need to find someone to take a picture with that has a normal sweater. If you have one already, feel free to put it on and take a picture of yourself in it!

8. Now we need to find the fire extinguisher to have a safe prom. This will be located in Yeti Bux.

                9. After that, give 3 votes to someone who you think deserves the prom title.

10.  Tired yet? xD The last place you need to go is Z-Unitz Punk Room. I cannot believe ZEENA was trying to steal the crown (Actually, I can believe it, LOL) Click on the crown.

11. After than, you will need to LOG OUT and LOG BACK IN to get your reward:

Yay! All finished. Thanks Woozworld for making this, it was fun! Maybe we will find out more on why Zeena is doing this? Hmm...

See you all next time!