Sunday, May 24, 2015

NEw outfit in Vip packs-NEw Prom outfits-Dear Jenny

Aye unicorns how are you?
WE have so many topics to talk about like aloat happened this week and i was surprised that nobody posted about this things!
Anyways, today we are goin g to talk about the three thingfs i wrote in the title XD
1. New outfits in Vip pack's
22 hours ago (lmao) Mya posted this thing in hot topics.
I have seen before this  thing . LIke if you buy the vip pack you get a bonus outfit. Some of the outfits were exclusive like the peek-a-boo dress (that wasn't in store before) or the other dress that i do't know its name but i really want it bc fab.
SO let's review the outfit
Let's do dat! <)
WEll the girl's outfit is Made of trend hair
that could be found in marketplace, the lowest price of it in marketplace is 8k beex.

The dress is malgnificent. Not rare as it was like 2 months ago. the lowest price is 8888 beex

So in my opinion is not worth it. Since you can buy it at a better price :3
Boys outfit
Jakestar hair. I liked this hair but is kinda common . It came out when the trend outfit was released.
The lowest price for it is 2300 beex and this is pretty low. Like verry low. But is only one at this price so if you want to buy it you better hurry!
And i don't get the top . I mean i don't know it's name.
SO per total is not so worth it sorry :3 but you can still buy it if you want because you get vip and pretty much of the clothes are also released in ze chic. I bet they will do another ''limited time'' offer and it would probabbly be better! <3
2. New prom outfits
Here we are once again in stylz. Did you notice that since like two weeks ago or something like that,the clothes that were in store were brought to stylz too? I think this is the way it will be a pretty long time for now on. You still have to be vip to buy the outfits because non-vips don't get wooz and we can't sell  for wooz. BUT,this limited-prom outfits are in marketplace also!
GIRLS: Promenade outfit
Glitter 'n Glow outfit
I personally,like the Promenade outfit more. I like glitter 'n glow also but i don't kinda like the hairstyle and for me the dress is too long i think promenade is more chic' while glitter 'n glow is more elegant!
BOYS: Proman outfit is cool while elegant in the same time,the hair give it a 'rebelious' touch so do  the sunglasses and the kinda sport looking shoes! 

Promfect is totally in the neon rave ;) The shirt he has under the vest is neon colored and the bow that purrrfectly matches with the ''swirled'' (if i can say it like this XDDD) hair.

3. "Dear Jenny''
I've noticed that Dear jenny is back. For those who don't know what dear jenny is i'll explain:
At the Dear Jenny thing woozens,have to write their questions about anything school,prom,bullying,life ,tacos ,unicorns,dora the explorer or anything and our sweatheart jenny will answer and give the best advices (the name of the woozen will remain annonymous) 
THis week's question was about high school! Check it out at the woozworld's blog here :)
OH so guys before i go i wanted to ask you something. I wanna do a hashtag thing like hashtagunicorntalkshowwithmyley (but not like this) when at the post title you'll see the hashtag ..... you will know what we will talk about today.
Basicly,as a talks show where i acctually writte instead of talk XD
YOu know ,i kinda started a thing like this about a month or two or even more months ago and it was called fashion battle so yea i might start it again.. 
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