Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Changin my Style. #Royal advices, understanding Maths!

Hello burst-lovers(ah.. I know thts lamex( )
I wanted to tell yu guys tht this post SHOULD BE DELIVERED  yesterday but my laptop stinks. So yea from now I wont be updating yall but I would be a Royal adviser . It is just cause updating not my thing ya kn0w? Oh yea, if you wanna ask me about something, like you need advice just use the chat box. Message me on woozworld, or jusr G-mail me.. my gmail is umeabihabatool@gmail.com.
I can advice you on anything like romance, self-confidence, friends, School or any advice you can think of.
Ohh I got the name of Princess's Royal advices cause I think im a good advisor & Cause mah name is Princessabix. ? Duh? Royal, princess,   princess royal.
 $0 this is my first advice seeker.
Hello, I am having some problems in understanding a subject, That is MATHS!!please help me I am unable to concentrate. I dont understand anything.

Dear friend,
Maths has always been a subject that is hard to understand.... even for me.. It is not necessary but even I scored 65/75.. that is very less for me. Maths have always been a marks looser subject for me. But I wont loose hope.. These are some of the tips you can use to find Any subject MATHS Specifically helpfull :)
Maybe you are lacking interest in your studies or you loose concentration. FOCUS you have to admit that you have to focus on everything. Sometimes the teacher tells some very helpful points so dont be distracted by friends. FUN can be done anyday.. just keep this in mind..
To avoid any distraction sit with your class fellow other than friends.  This will improve focus.
make notes of the lecture.. Our teacher always told us to copy our conversation and highlight the main point.when you go home review.. Make some time.. keep TV off, mobile away sit in a quiet place and just review..
Practice. Maths is a GAME... believe me or not. Maths is not hard. We just find it confusing cause we cant learn it x) so it ain't hard but just Unique...
Ask for a tutor.. this is very Important.. maybe you cant get that all at once. You need someone to help you again and a tutor is BEST. Or just ask your teacher again.  Believe me she'll be very glad.
Hope these points were helpful for maths haters.. :).. okay now I have to study. Dont forget to message me some qu3stions for Royal advices. So see you next saturday, sunday..

Love yall.....

 PS it took 12 Hours for completing this post cause I took breaks constantly. ?.. xD