Saturday, May 23, 2015

Billboard Awardz winners & weird stuff

Hey guys! I know it's really late but blogger has this HTML Thing going on and my laptop always has a shock wave or stop plug-in,but anyways today I'll be posting about the Billboard Awardz Winners!!I honestly thought more people would win but only 7 woozens got it right so great job C:

I knew I had no hope in it,but if you weren't one of the winners,know that the next time they have an eventz like that,your hopes may be even better.

So give a big congrats to:


I think it's pretty cool if you're all reading this,that you got them all correct.

This was posted a couple days ago but the post I was originally going to post about was a misunderstanding.Apparently all the unitz featured had around 100-500 woozens in them.I wasn't able to get in the unitz so I have no idea if woozens were in there or if it was a glitch/hack.Here's a photo(Not mine for I had no chance to take it):


                                                                                                                            If you are one of those people that get panic attacks stay calm.This is already done xD

Woozworld has been getting quite strange lately,so if any more interesting things happen,be sure to not get involved incase it has to do with hackers,and just remain calm.

Well that's all for this topic,I hope to see you all soon next week xx Stay safe in this brutal summer heat for those in summer!!

Bleaty signing out!