Monday, April 27, 2015

Sneak Peek + Earth Day video winners!

                           Hi everyone! Katiekat00 here with another post! :-)

      Today I will be discussing a sneak peek, and the Earth Day video winners.

   First of all, On Woozworld's Facebook page, they posted 1 winner for the Spring clothing design contest.

                        The winner was Autumnlight with her amazing Urbanblossom design!
Fabulous job, Autumn! There is no need to worry, because Woozworld is still announcing 3 more design winners throughout the week! :) 
Fun fact: Autumnlight also created the Stylish Ballerina hair you see on many Woozens today. She is JUST like a Woozworld fashion designer, in my opinion! 
You should check her Instagram out, her artwork and Woozworld designs are breathtaking!
Earth Day video contest winners!
Here now are the video contest winners:
 Also, A little thank you message to Woozworld for selecting me as one of the Video Challenge winners. It didn't really have a main message on Earth day, but thank you for that! :-)
Here are the links to the videos :-)     crystlefire's winning Earth day video!
---------------------------------------       Hazelisthename's winning Earth day video!
------------------------------------------------           Hershys' winning Earth Day video!
--------------------------------------         SnoopDoggyDog20's winning Earth Day video!
------------------------------------------                 My Earth Day video :-)
A very big thank you to everyone for reading my post, and visiting Woozworld Burst. 

Remember, Woozworld Burst, get it here first!

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