Sunday, March 8, 2015

#FashionWithCutie: ZeChic Items & Outfits

Hello! Okay, so since I missed yesterday's blogging time, I am going to make this topic quite long........ Again, really sorry about not posting. OH BTW I FINISIHED THE SIGN OFF PHOTO!! Also, I think I am going to put an alarm on my phone to make sure I post my posts.... xD No, seriously though, I probably will.. Okay so the topics today are:
#FashionWithCutie: ZeChic Items
#FashionWithCutie: ZeChic Inspired Outfits

For the hat hairs, I think the guy one is better than the girl one..... I really don't like the girl hat hair o-0 The hat is okay, but the hair portion is not good at all. The other boy hair and other hair are great! ;) We stole Zeena's weave again (Long Tucked Two Tone)! XD I feel kinda bad though for stealing it twice o-0 XD. The dress is so pretty in my eyes! I love the sheer detailing. The hoodie and shirt are amazing as well and can be used for more of a casual event or daily use.

SECOND TOPIC: The Inspired Outfit
There are six oufits from you guys.  I love all of them!!

This outfit is perfect if you want to be comfy, yet cute! It can also work for school. I love how she paired the socks and shorts with the hoodie. PURPLE ;) You guys know that I love purple XD The hair fits with the outfit and this hairstyle can be used for casual like in this outfit or for more of an elegant occasion. . Good job amo-!
The classic black color code. I am starting to really like that hairstyle and I think the black hat matches with the dress. As I said before, I LOVE THE DRESS!!!! This outfit is a perfect example of dressing the dress down and making it big more of a casual event. I could see someone in the outfit in a garden or just outside. Love the outfit, Neen!
HERE COMES THE PURPLE AGAIN!!! XD I love how she dressed this hairstyle up by pairing it with this structured dress. Also, those leggings with the dress is just like a perfect match <3 Fab outfit, Puretty!
It is a causal, yet cute outfit once again! I love this green color code. Perfect for spring since it is almost spring!! YAY.... except for allergies.... I like spring XD. Terrific job to lovezmeep1!
The sheer strapless dress is used for more of an elegant occasion over here. The tiarafic sidesweep with tiara hairstyle dresses it up! I love the blue color code on that dress cause it kinda shimmers.... anyone else notices that? XD QueenRosie1, you would make a great queen for fashion! X)
Okay, so I saw this outfit and I was like :OO. I love the outfit because it has an edge to it. The pixel skull t-shirt and long tucked two tone are perfect together to give an edge. The special ops boots are great for this outfit. I love every single this about this outfit including the colors she used to make an edge to it. Fantastic job, Meg24!

Okay, so that is it for today!! See you guys next time :D BTW: What do you think of the new signoff photo? XD