Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fab me is here

  Hellow guys (crie I need to find a name for you)

So,my name is myleyvip (add me) and today isn't my schedule post (my schedule post is tomorrow) But I'm verry verry happy to be a part of this blog! 
So for today I have a story for you:
One day a little girl named Miley (I know I said I'm myley but Miley wasn't acctually available when I made my acc xD,you can also call me Miles xD) was like everyday checking out woozworld burst and she saw the 'Become a blogger' button she pressed omg
She wrote her application and then came back to play woozworld (I still remember that I was in a trade center and I lost connection XD).
One month later she got a message from le fab pink "hellow,we recently received your aplication etc." She looked at the message 10 minuts and then started screaming in her room for 1 hour! XD
After one week and one day XD she received an invite on her gmail she accepted and baaaaaaaacccckkkk in present she is writing this! Soo...
Tomorrow will be my schedule post (something Magic is gonna happen XD) so that's all for today! 
By the way I need to name you something like Glittering unicorns! Geez this is perfect!
So message my woozen (myleyvip) how would you like to name: 

        A) Glittering unicorns.     B) Fluffy Sheeps (so random :D). C)Magical donkeys 


                              STAY SWAGG xoxo
       #NormalIs2Mainstream.   Ok byeee