Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mya's Fashion Show Cx

Hey hey!!! Its Samathawoo here. Fashion is passion!! SO this post is all about Mya's Fashion Show!!
Lemme just go ahead and say this... Evvvveryone's outfits were on fleek!! Now i didn't get to meet MyaWooz herself. Thats okay. xD Okaaay enough about my problems!! Everyone looked fabulous while they waited for Mya!! Our wonderful woozguide @Ems37 came for a few minutes to check it out. Glitz7 also rocked the runway!! :D Okaay lemme move on. Our wonderfully fabulous judges were The Queen Of Pink sheedaisthebest, Our Super Cool Cooly-Backup, Neon Queen Emmaiscoolliko, Purple Is Fabulous EquallyDivided! I have to say Mya was stunned at all the fabulous woozens. Who couldn't blame her?!

Now with all the fabulous outfits everyone was a threat! It was a realllllyy close race!! 3 different people got 10s!!! Crazzy! Emma was drawn to ANYONE who had neon on. (Hint Hint) They should have Mya's Fashion Show on a Tuesday, Everyone would be a Triple Tuesday Threat.. x) OKayyy enough of my babbling! Lets get to the Winner!!! She totally rocked the runway, Looked fabulous to the MAX! The one and only Chloewolfene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like Congratz Girl, You totally owned that runway! Colors were Fleek!!

 Thats all for Tuesdays! 
See you Bursties Saturday!!!   (Yea i got a new sign off photo x)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Love,