Saturday, December 6, 2014


Hello fantabulous Bursties!

As you might have notice from the title, this post is for information for and a response to my "Abivice" section, which is advice, given by me, abi786! x

I'm going to be making a Typeform for the Abivice system, therefore you can submit your issue easily - however, that will only be happening once I become an official blogger - if I become an official blogger, might I correct myself? x 

What is Abivice?
As explained before, Abivice is an advice-helpline thingy that I've been doing for a while now on sites such as Ask FM, Twitter, and more. These were all successful, therefore I supposed to try it out on WoozWorld and blogs.

When will you be answering the questions?
I'll be answering all of the questions; on average around 3 a week. 

What sort of advice do you give?
I give honest and (in my experience with "clients") helpful advice.

Any recommendations of other advice givers?
I'm sure a lot of Woozens give awesome advice, but the one I go to advice for is IWriteThoughts. She's cheery, lovely, reliable and honest. 

How long will Abivice be going on til'?
For just a short period of time - you see, it's just an experiment. Perhaps a week or two.


Dear Abi,

My friends are twisting stories about backchatting and hatred. I feel stuck in the middle. Please help.


Dearest Susan,

I understand your emotional struggle. I went through a similar phase a while ago. You have to make your friends gather together and explain the situation, their POV's. Then you'll be able to suss out who is lying and who was being truthful. You see, it's a complicated situation with a simple answer. Truth or lies.

With love, Abi. x

♥P.S: Could pinklover5214 please read her message ASAP?


-Abi. x