Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Woozworld Elections: Why it isn't a good idea, why it is a good idea.

Watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn6AFQBRiW4

Hello everyone.
I'd like to talk about the "Woozworld elections" which is not hosted by woozworld, but these so called woozens who want things to change.

-This might be a little long, so get your popcorn ready!-

Why it is a good idea:
It stops everyone being mean in Woozworld, etc. It will stop fighting.

Why it isn't a good idea:
This, will probably start a war. The whole "President situation". President. A leader. In the video (below) it states you need to write a paragraph to this so called "ElectionMan" stating why you want to be president. NO. NO!!. Why, NO? A paragraph. We are mostly kid/tweens/teens, right? Yes. Who is our leader? WOOZWORLD, OF COURSE! Of course... About that paragraph? What if someone fakes it, then turns out horrible. Kids, our president is WOOZWORLD. Adults own woozworld, and no, we can't just take over it. It's like hackers taking over my old childhood game -which is now rewritten, shoutout to sir max- and no I will not say the game because this is a Woozworld blog.
Anywho, it is like hackers taking over the game, and ruining the plot. Isn't Woozworld going to end someday? YES! And I bet a whole ton of relief will be off many shoulders.

All I am saying is, it will make woozworld a little be confusing. Let me show you my imaginary timeline.
We get a "KID WOOZEN president" ---> Many people will be mad having a random person suddenly be famous and tell them what to do -----> A lot of people will probably quit, and hide in their tents -------> Woozworld loses money for the people quitting ------> Bankrupt, woozworld ends, time to find a different game to please you, or to go outside and live on.
That may not happen, and there can be other ways.

Ok, I cannot tell you what to do, go ahead and have your president]or whatever, but I am not taking part. I don't have to if I don't want to, The thing is, you should of said if the woozens wanted to take part in it or not. It;s like, people are forcing me to have a new grandma. Of course, not! Please, inform woozens that they do not need to take part.

My reactions and some others.

The video comes out. You are saying we are going to have a woozworld president. Stop right there. You cant force us to have a ruler and have them tell us what to do. Keep going.
A paragraph? Really? Atleast make it more challenging.

Okay, this is how it goes in my redone childhood game.
We have our little clans. We ask people to join them, they say no or yes, and thats fine
You make an idea for president. You ask people to join in. You dont ask them if they want to take part. This will confuse many woozens. Then the woozsavers come in.
What will might happen in the future if nothing changes.:
The woozens don't like the president. All the woozsavers report that woozen, and bam, the poor woozen gets banned for stating his/her opinion. But that won't happen if you make a rules video SOON.

Okay, now watch the video.
Lets try and fix this up a bit;
"The greatest event in woozworld history" fine, fine. But the greatest? Nope.
"Woozworld presidential election" fine, thats fine. But I am not taking part
I think the hosts are fine. Go ahead and have your event. There are many events in woozworld.
"The election was built to have a president in woozworld" Okay, I understand if you made a mistake but, woozworld is our president, sorry, but, I am not having a random woozen take over me.
"Were tired of waiting and hoping for our application to be read for woozguide" Hey, that's fine. I know the struggle.
"So now WE the WOOZENS are taking matters into our own hands" well, sure.
Having a hard time typing the WHOLE video. Okay here is my conclusion point
I suggest changing the whole president thing. Make a group, or clan. Why not have glitz lat and swag and penguin and swaggy and whoever else be the CLAN leaders. Woozens, in my opinion, the president thing might mess things up. Message to you, the most swagg, Why don't you make it a group, because most of us are not having a forced leader on us.

Hey, I would be totally fine if it was made into a clan, and I don't have to be forced to join in. But presidents, nope. It's like what if you were being forced into Lat's ducky clan. Lat would never make that happen, and he knows it.

and all I am saying is, MAKE IT AN OPTION.

Thanks for reading my opinion, and please respect it. I will probably get some hate for this, stating my opinion. What do you think, is it a good idea? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments section.


Others opinions:

Sorry about the long post, just had to get all the details. And no, I am not hating on anyone!