Sunday, November 23, 2014

#POPWOOZ- Babiz Unitz

What’s up, bursties? :D I love saying that….. XD Anyways, today I will be talking about three of the unitz that Jenny Wooz visited yesterday for the PopWooz event with the babiz! I saw so many unitz and I have to say…. ALL OF THEM WERE AMAZING!!!!


From Resolute! I love the color of it!! It is like rosy pink and even lavender I think. Those combinations of colors are truly amazing: O I kind what that as my color code now……. XD I also like the set up with flowers and the heart chairs which look pretty cute. I demand you, bursties, to applaud Resolute for her amazing work! XD Demand…. Lol jk, but seriously good job Resolute!


NancyNugget! I love this blue color. :D This is such a cute babiz room because it has two small beds with like a mini living room with the cute sofas! <3 I love it!! The chandeliers are like a final touch that makes it so elegant and shiny! Amazing job, Nancy .. I mean if I were a baby I would probably want to sleep there lol….

AND THE LAST ONE GOES TO (that I found that Jenny visited)

BridgitMendlerW! Those colors remind me of cotton candy… XD I really like this unitz because of the whole set up and how it really looks like a baby’s room with the toys. The animal touch is so cute! <3 Love it girl!!!  
Okay, guys so these are SOME of the unitz that Jenny visited! There are definitely so many other great unitz out there :D Keep up the good work to everyone! I have to go now guys!! Bye C; Wait, by the way, I will try to make another sign off photo the next time I talk you guys. Anyways, bye again!! XD