Friday, November 14, 2014


I AM BACK!!! :D My reaction to being an official in real was: o-0 Really...? ;o Wait, WHAT? XD So, when I was asked to choose a word that described me, I picked zealous! C; I know it is an uncommon word which is why I chose it. It means diligent and very dedicated to something C: Anyways........ FAVORITES FROM THE WNTM COLLECTION! Yes, I will  be telling you guys what are my favorites from the wntm collection! :D I have seen so many outfits that look amazing with the wntm collection.
The Heidiva top is my favorites item from this collection! It is a strappy cropped tank top. I thought this was an amazing idea , the detail of it being strapped and cropped, is amazing. Also, I think I would wear this top likely in the summer and if it was in real I would wear like everyday with a cardigan over for fall .. XD My next favorite is the Yonsle hair! The messy braids are just amazing, okay? I love how it is simple braids, but they add detail with the messiness and a hat over! To me, the hat looks like it was for a popstar for some reason.. XD So I do think the hat is appropriate since it is WOOZWORLD'S NEXT TOP MODEL!! My last favorite is the Yonsle top and it does show a bit on the sides, but I like the bracelet detailing and shirt design! The top gives like a casual style which I love! So, now that I said what are my favs from this collection..... I am asking you the same question! :D Message me on woozworld @Cutiexpiexgirl and I might give some shout outs on Sunday if you tell me your favorites!

Okay guys, that is all for today and I am sorry that it is one of my shorter posts, but I will make it up to you guys on Sunday!! :D Bye bursties!!!!