Monday, October 13, 2014

Woozworld A Step Behind?

Hey wonderful Bursties! Gypsy here again, with an odd story. The title reads it all. Woozworld hasn’t been putting much creativity and effort into outfits and furniture ideas, but what about this? The new advertisement called Ever After High shows that Woozworld putting MORE work on themselves than they can handle. Let’s find out…

Searching through Shopz, I had come across the tab labeled “ZeChic”. Designated underneath that label, “Until Oct. 8” is plastered across the screen. Now, today is the 13th of October. Why is Woozworld so late? Can they keep up with their own footsteps? If they took more time on outfits, or hired more editing staff, Woozworld would be running more smoothly. In the tab “Until Oct. 8” Emilous, Ariable, Calebic, Tobysome, outfits are being sold for 240 wooz and less. Buy these outfits now before Woozworld catches up and gets step ahead! 

All of the outfits are labeled VIP in  ZeChic. How fair is that to the Non-VIPS? It isn’t. You shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars on a virtual game just to buy a single clothing article you are probably going to sell. Yes, I understand VIP’s buy extra to get more, but can’t Woozworld express the VIP’s length s differently?  What do you think? 

Vote “interesting” if you think VIP limits should stay the same
Vote “Cool” if you think the VIP restriction should be limited
Vote “Funny” if you don’t know whether you want the limits to be limited, or to be kept the same

What’s going on in my life? I’m working on finding out new information about this Zombeardtosis disease with the rest of Woozworld! Has anyone found a permanent cure? I hope it comes quickly, Woozworld will start falling apart AGAIN.