Friday, October 17, 2014

The Three C's In Woozworld

Gypsy again! Wondering what the three c's are?
  • Cure
  • Creativity
  • Changes
 In Woozworld, most- Sorry ALL of you, have been, or seen an infected Zombie. Well, here is some news Woozens! The cure has been found.
Not excited yet? Well, you can get hair with this $1.99 deal! Yes, some Woozens might say this is a rip off, but this will all blow over in the next few weeks.

Alright, now to creativity! Well, as EVERYONE knows Woozworld has been lacking SO much creativity, that some Woozens are getting bored and quitting.. For example, bringing back old outfits one after one. Today is #Popwooz, where Woozworld brings back more older outfits.

Woozworld still is behind a few feet, and they need to pick up the pace before bankrupcy. Notice how Woozworld is slowly falling apart?

Changes. So. Many. Changes! From SMS disappearing, to #Popwooz, to the Zomboween, woozworld can't seem to stop. Why is this?

Woozworld is constantly lacking. So many disappointments, Woozworld needs to start accepting the designs Woozens send in through email! SO much more Woozens would be happier. Speaking of, Woozworld brings more pain into us by bringing ...

Ever After High. Cedar Wood is here, and many others are visiting as well. Are we going to open them with big welcoming arms? Or are we going to complain? Who knows.. We'll find out soon.

Whats going on in my life?
I'm nervously waiting to see, if I make the trials. I have worked really hard to impress everybody, and hopefully I can wait to see the results. I know that I may not make it, which I'm completely fine with.
I also have been volunteering at a local food pantry, haunted house, and I will soon to be working at the Humaine Society. I can't wait!

Until next time,