Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ever After High

         Darn it!
I think Selly JUST posted about this.. I am kinda too late. Well, I am going to talk about this:

Ever After High billboard in woozen quests. WOOZEN QUESTS, A POPULAR UNIT. Yes, this may be a sneaky peaky for next week or the week after. Ok, So, I thought they were going to put the official new Halloween costumes after the pre costumes, but they just put some old clothes that you can buy for beex. Either-
A. they are putting old clothes in so they have more time to think about the costumes. OR
B. they are saving space so the new costumes will be around Halloween time.

Well... the outfit does look pretty. Maybe they will be here like I said next week or so.. I would buy one of them IF the prices do NOT go up. $5.00 for an outfit? I can buy some new headbands for that! Okay... THE FACE. They are probably not going to sell the face, but it looks so detailed and pretty! The hair.. It looks like this girl named Cedar Wood.
It looks so pretty! Ok, I am not trying to get sucked in woozworld advertising.. maybe just a little... OK A LOT! But if they DO this is Woozworld (they probably will) I hope they include an Apple White outfit. I looked on the website, and it looks amazing! I just HOPE they have something for the boys. Because I don't think the boys got anything for Bratz, didnt they. But there was DOMO... but some girls liked domo... so who knows.
That is it for now!